Friday, August 13, 2010

Buying in Bulk

The title of this post describes my twenties. I was footloose and fancy free. I made and spent my own money on ME. Buying in bulk meant stocking up on fancy make-up, designer clothes, expensive shoes and anything my heart desired. I have kissed those days good bye, because twenty years later, buying in bulk has taken on a new meaning.

I was in Whole Foods today when I saw a sign,
did the math, and proceeded to load my cart and another cart with Honest Kids Organic Juice Pouches. These come 8 to a box, and are perfect for school lunches. You can freeze them and after sitting in a lunch box all morning, they are icy cold and ready to drink by noon. I prefer these to 100% juice because of the sugar content. The flavors are free from dyes or corn syrup and my kids actually like them.

Normally I buy these in a multi-pack at Costco. Until today, that had been the most economical resource. I was unfaithful to Costco when I bought 60 boxes of Honest Kids for a dollar a box. Whole foods sells an 8 pack for $4.69. The one day special today featured the boxes at $2 each. While this is a great value, there was more. Whole foods had an in store coupon for $1 each box, bringing the price to the all time lowest I have ever seen, a buck a box.

I am sure the cashiers thought I was high. Who buys 480 juice pouches at once? I do! With four kids taking lunches to school, five days a week, that is 20 juices a week- not factoring in the sneaking of drinks when I am not looking or to go drinks in the van. You know how it kills me to pay full retail for children's drinks when we are out on our field trips. I bought 480 drinks but I am thinking I should have stocked up on even more.

It was a serious work-out lifting all the boxes into the cart, out of the cart and into the van,

then stacking them in the garage pantry. Is there any wonder I do not feel compelled to join a gym? Hell, for what I would spent on the monthly fees, I can just shop for heavy items in bulk.

I guess my bargain prowess has reached a new level. I used to get buyer's remorse where I would regret my spending. Now, I get the opposite reaction, I get home and realize at that price, I did not buy enough. GAH!

I am now buying in bulk in all aspects in all places. Welcome to being 40 where you get stoked about getting a deal on organic juice pouches.


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