Monday, August 16, 2010

Back to School Excitement

The school supplies. The lunch box. The new backpack. The freshly sharpened pencils with perfect pink erasers. A box of pristine crayons organized by color palette. All of these things are the products of back to school. These are the joys of this time of year.

This is and the peace and quiet at home from 8-3.

Check out the latest WOW for your little students:

The Goodbyn lunch box. This is an eco-friendly, adorable,
bento box style tote for lunches. These do not require plastic baggies for the sandwiches and they are BPA freeand dishwasher safe. Totally cool!

My kids have become connoisseurs of crayons. Silly me, I thought the 64 count box with the built in sharpener was absolutely the most deluxe, but now, that is "old school" crayon. My artists got bitten by the bug from their trendsetting big sis Amanda, and now they are coveting her telescoping crayon tower caddy.
Forget less is more when it comes to crayons. Bye bye box, hello tower of 150 colors!

The kids have to wear closed toe shoes to kindergarten. Over the summer they have had a growth spurt in the feet, and now their fall shoes from last season are way too small, and the sandals that currently do fit are not dress code material. Check out these Aster boys shoes
that I scored on E-bay. These are all leather, made in France (not China) and are kid friendly to put on and take off. I love that there are no logos, no weird characters and best of all, they are last year's model on clearance. Do you think the kids will know these are the style from LAST SEASON? Nahhhhh, they could care less.

We are getting ready. We have meet the teacher night this week and we have finally, FINALLY, reached single digit countdown days. KINDERGARTEN and the back to school excitement, ahhhhhhh, I can hardly contain myself.

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