Sunday, August 15, 2010

Baby Fever!

Aaryn and Ephraim are here with baby Moshe. I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, having a baby in the house. I admit it, I still have baby fever.

I know my baby days are over. As much as I would adore having another, Jeff is done. He is so done. He won't even adopt a highway. He does say I can have as many babies as I want with my NEXT husband. I love my man enough to agree to agree on this. I am not willing to sacrifice our relationship for it, and I am fine with it. We are blessed with a big, loud, crazy family of six kids and I can accept that we have enough. Some days I believe we have more than enough.

Instead of lamenting about my own babies, I am now opening my home to those with "babies for rent." It is lovely concept. I get all the glory of the experience without the sleepless nights and financial responsibility. It is almost as great as being a grandparent, because, I have the same kind of allure and power, without the wrinkles, grey hairs and pesky grown children. This is the ultimate baby high.

My kids are in heaven with all the attention and affection of Aaryn and Ephraim. They are obsessed with Aaryn and Ephraim. They used to referred to Aaryn as Aaryn Rubin. but now her name has been changed to: Aaryn and Ephraim. I hate to break it to Aaryn, but my kids worship Ephraim too.

Especially Natalie. She loves her some Dr. Hollander. Ephraim should have never showed her his surgery game on his i-phone.

While my kids belong to Aaryn this week, Moshe is mine. He is all mine. Here are the highlights from today. You can plainly see how much joy it is to have a happy, smiling, active little peanut in the house.

Aaryn and Ephraim could ditch him with me and I wouldn't mind one bit. (except for the small detail: I do not have a vehicle to accommodate his car seat along with my own.)

On another related note, did you see the Duggar's on the cover of People Magazine? I am gritting my teeth about it. I have blogged about them before and each time, I get my fair share of comments. I actually thought Michelle Duggar would announce her 20th pregnancy before # 19 was even released from the NICU. But I am just a skeptic like that. Apparently, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Bob are waiting to see if God gives them another "gift", despite the odds and risks associated with another pregnancy. I will wait until the officially announce their next pregnancy before I rip them a new one. I could do it now, but then I would not have anything to look forward to, like Christmas or the season premiere of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

The bottom line is this: I am getting my baby fix in the best and healthiest way possible. Unlike those of who are actually breeding or hoarding babies, I am borrowing Moshe with no strings attached. Next week when my fever breaks, and I come to my senses, I will be the proud parent of THREE, count them, THREE full time kindergartners, and I won't trade that for anything.


Ellen said...

Hi to Aaryn, Ephraim & little, adorable Moshe! So sad I am not in town to see them. But love the photos :) Have a great visit!

Shellie said...

I also WISH I could be there too and have some fun with all of the kids, especially Moshe. Thank you Helene for putting our kids on the blog. Hugs to all,

Bubbye (Shellie)

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