Saturday, August 28, 2010

Apples, Salsa and Abe Lincoln

Every once in a great while, I need a few moments to complete a task. By myself. I require someone to take the kids away and give me the time necessary to gitter-done. After spending the entire day with my children, I got home and needed that 30 minutes of down time.

We started the day picking apples. We arrived at the orchard before 9:00 on opening day of the season. Yes, it is early this year, but thanks to a very warm spring and prematurely hot summer, the gala apples are way ahead of schedule.

We hauled out of the field with 60 pounds of juicy, gala beauties. With Rosh Hashana coming up, our L'Shana Tovas will be so sweet.

Here is the proof of a busy morning in Pataskala!

After a late breakfast slash early lunch at Bob Evans (had coupons for free kids meals) I schlepped the crew to Giant Eagle, the library and the farmers' market. It was an action packed morning that made me realize how much I love the Fall weather, produce and general fun. I bought those Kraft carmels that are individually wrapped in cellophane, and have carameled apples in mind for the kids.

I got home, unpacked the van and tended to what are probably the tail end of my own tomato plants. I picked a few goodies, and came inside to wash all the apples, tomatoes and other treats. I realized that I had all the fixings for homemade salsa, so after washing and drying the apples I kindly asked Jeff to remove the kids from the house so I could finish what I started.

I organized the fruits and vegetables and just affectionately stared at them. I know how Martha Stewart must feel when her assistants and paid staffers stage a bountiful harvest. This was my very own moment to enjoy the peace, quiet and natural beauty of the season.

While Daddy took the kids to Lord knows where, I cranked out a batch of fresh summer salsa.

I just chop and combine all the ingredients and then add more heat or tomatoes to get it to the correct balance of flavor and texture. The lemon and lime zest adds a really fresh taste to the yellow and red tomatoes.
The finished product is like a Mexican Gazpacho dip only chunky.

When the kids got home they were all yelling and shouting as they walked into the kitchen. I was trying to make heads and tails out of the excitement:

"Mommie, we met the President!"
"The President gave us each a coin with is picture on it!"
"We saw real guns, brown guns!"
"The lady was wearing a fancy long, long, long, dress."

Then, as I was totally perplexed, Jeff said, "Did you know that Abe Lincoln drives a Honda SUV? I would have pegged him for a Lincoln Navigator"- so after all these obscure statements, I wondered, where in the hell did he take the kids?

It turns out there was a civil war reinactment going on at Hannah Park. Jeff initially took the kids there to play, but discovered the whole back in time thing. Apparently, my children has a blast. Here are the photos that Jeff took with his i-phone, he said the whole scene was blog worthy.

As much as I hate to admit it, I was sure glad I stayed home and made salsa. I am sure the children were completely entertained and delighted to be in the civil war era, but me, ummmm, no, not so much.

My Saturday was delightful. It is hard to beat a day of apples, salsa and Abe.

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