Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ahhhhhh, shopping carts!

As the parent of four kids so close in age, my ability to multi-task is based mainly on being able to control my children in public. The key to the success of an outing is the shopping cart.

We all know how each and every day is a shop-or-tunity outing or as I like to call them, a field trip.

I learned early in the game to park my van right by the cart corral. I could off load the kids from their car seats directly into the shopping cart. My bags, coupons, and purse can be pushed rather than carried. Having a ton of kids makes you a pack mule by default but the shopping cart can aid in the misery.

When my triplets were about 12 months old I began to worship stores that featured my dream carts- Target and Costco topping the lists.

Even now, with the kids old enough to hold hands, follow simple directions, and stay away from parking lot danger, I love the cart experience. My days of pushing the kids through a store are very limited and I am going to try to squeeze another six months or so into my plan. Keeping them safe and secure so that I can shop is a beautiful thing.

Here are some examples of how I can multi-task my way through the retail wonderlands. If you play your cards right, there are usually interesting stops along the way. It is fun to watch the Costco chefs make basil tomato pizza, or to chase the street sweeper through the aisles.

The big screen televisions are fabulous, and seasonal items are always interesting and fun too.

CJ loves to see his girlfriend at Costco. He and Robin have had a "thing" for years and to this day, if she is not working when we are in Costco, CJ gets so disappointed. Just look at how much fun he has when he spends time with his girlfriend.

When we leave, the kids who had great behavior, get their hand stamped. Today, all four got inked. SUCCESS!

The triplets and I went with Amanda to Target this afternoon. The shopping cart there is perfect for two or three bigger kids. I buckled the boys up front and let Natalie be the princess riding in the basket.
With this amazing system, I can roll right up to Starbucks and order my latte, hands free! SCORE!

For those of you a few years behind me in the game of raising multiples, pay attention. It is all about the shopping carts from about 12 months to age 5. The brilliant design of the carts is the key to your shopping sanity.

Happy Shopping!
The Queen

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