Saturday, August 21, 2010

40 hours of Parenting Blindfolded

Jeff and I make a point taking the kids with us for one on one time. When we can, we like to give each child their special day, alone, with us. For multiples, this is a prized vacation. For us, it is like parenting blindfolded with our hands tied behind our heads.

A few weeks ago it was Natalie's turn, and she got the privilege of dining out with the McKains and us. This weekend we took Eli to Chicago and Fort Wayne while Jeff was giving a speech. He earned this trip by being a good listener.

We were only away from home for about 40 hours, but to Eli, it was like a lifetime of perks rolled into a day and a half. When you get to go somewhere and your siblings do not, there is an enormous thrill.

You can see from Eli's shit eating grin, he was lovin every minute of it. This boy enjoys being the center of attention. With the power to select his own television show without agreeing with three other opinions,

Eli was in heaven. He chilled out in his pajamas and just enjoyed himself. A hotel bed and a flat screen tv can do that, you know.

The remaining highlights include an Oscar Mayer Weinermobile sighting
and The Fort Wayne Children's Zoo. This small zoo has a ton to offer and we were impressed!

Taking one, four year old to a zoo has serious benefits for both the child and the parents. We were financially able to add a carousel ride and pony ride into the adventure.

I even got a chance to take Jeff's photo with his former Fort Wayne girlfriend. Jeff said she gained a little weight over the years.

We got to enjoy the exhibits, take our time answering questions and we were able to shower Eli with perks that we normally would not do if all the kids were there. When you MUST buy four of everything, it becomes cost prohibitive to purchase snacks and momentos. Since it was just Eli was indulged him with a ice cream selection
and an overpriced toy monkey from the gift shop. You have no idea how shocked and thrilled he was to get these two items. The concept was completely foreign to him.

On the way home we stopped in Piqua, Ohio so that Daddy could attend his big time, heavy duty, once a month, black belt karate class. While Daddy was kicking and punching, Eli and I hit the local Big Lots, Red Lobster,

and we ended up at the dojo in time to love on Hanchi's new Jack Russell Terrier, Coco. Our boy loves him some little girl dog and vice versa.

Considering we were only gone for 40 some hours, we made a serious impact. Eli has not quit talking about his special time with us. The others are chomping at the bit to get their turn.

Now if only Mommie and Daddy could get 40 hours away for some special time....that would be a welcome treat. I promise to be a great listener and I won't argue, fight or whine. PLEEEEZE, can I go? It is soooo my turn.

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Anonymous said...

I live 20 min away from Piqua, Ohio :) How do you like the little "big" city ;)


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