Monday, July 26, 2010

A Whole Foods Love Affair

They met across a crowded store. It was the awesome WHOLE FOODS in Dublin. Two souls. One Play Area.

Natalie was the one to begin the flirt. She approached this boy and kindly extended an invitation to play building blocks with her. She introduced herself by name, and then spelled it so he would know it for sure. This not quite 5 year old girl, was shamelessly smitten with her new found friend.

He was a 9 year old boy. Much like her mother, Natalie digs older guys. He had dark hair and was handy with the cardboard blocks. His name was Zane and was all to happy to be showered with attention. He was just as happy go lucky as all 9 year old boys, and did not pick up on Natalie's coy smile and head tilt. He was completely oblivious to her interest in him. There were towers to build after all.

I sat back with my delicious tall coffeeand observed this hilarious scene for more than half an hour.

They were even somewhat color coordinated- which kind of freaked me out. I had nothing to do with that part. Seriously.

They played, they built, they tore down and started over.

Then, just like that, he had to leave. Natalie was disappointed that he just left. She wanted him to stay longer. Then, in the most priceless tone she said." I wonder if he will call me for a play date?"

When I quit howling on the inside, "I said, no, no, sweetie, he won't. Get used to it."

It was a short lived, Whole Foods Love Affair.

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