Monday, July 5, 2010

What is up, Chuck?

When the weather gets too hot to comfortably play outside, we look for indoor activity. When you are entertaining six kids under five, a Chilean Manny Au Pair and the Daddy crowd, it is a slam dunk to get them all to attend a luncheon at Chuck E. Cheese.

The Dublin location of Chuck E. Cheese is right across the street from Filene's Basement/DSW. Most of you can see where I am headed with this one. Yes, it is a brilliant move to arrange a play date with proper supervision at Chuck E. Cheese. The male child care providers can play video games, feed a simple pizza meal, redeem winning tickets and manage the situation relatively easily. The Mommies can sneak across the street for some retail therapy.

Here is what it looked like right before Aunt Shell and I meandered into Filenes. These kids (and I include Alejandro and Aunt Nat) were loving a little bit of Chuck.

When it comes to scoring mass quantities of winning tickets, it takes a creative spirit, $50 worth of tokens and some cheating- like letting Sam toss the balls from the on top of the lane.Ordinarily I would take issue with this, but if you saw the prizes these kids won with their tickets you would be right there with Sam. It would have made more sense to give each child a ten dollar bill at the Dollar Store. The redemption area at Chuck E. Cheese is a rip. For 60 tickets you can get a lame ass, five cent, one inch diameter, bouncing super ball. When you combine the five cent toys with the sub-par pizza, you get a Chuck E. Cheese experience. Ewwww.

I am not one to rain on the parade, but I did want to say out loud, What is up, Chuck? Gimme a freakin break! No one without children goes to this place so the food quality reflects that. It does not need to be gourmet.

Filene's basement was the place to be- nothing makes Mommie happier than bargains and designer clothing. So in the spirit of being a rock star parent, I stepped aside and let the male dominated crowd take control. I was all too happy to be anywhere but inside Chuck E. Cheese.

When my children look back at their childhood they will have fond memories of Chuck E. Cheese. They just won't recall Mommie being there, and that is perfectly fine with me. When it comes right down to it, I would rather up chuck.

See kids, I sacraficed for you. Given the choice between vomitting and shopping I chose shopping and allowed you to enjoy yourselves. I was and am, selfless like that.

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