Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Way Better than Cable

With all the daily field trips, funny moments with the kids, and general chaos with our family, it is non-stop excitement over here. After three days with us, Netanya brilliantly announced, "Being here is way better than cable!"

Apparently we rival 640 digital channels. Impressive? Yeah, pretty much a dubious honor.

Aunt Edye tipped me off to the gorgeous farm about an hour north of us, The Blueberry Patch. I drove up to Mansfield, Ohio and checked it out for field trip number 443.

This amazing farm is a sea of blueberry bushes with rolling hills and breathtaking blue fruit. We totally found our thrill on that blueberry hill. It was primo picking.

The buckets were easily filled and you could hear the plunk, plop, plunk of the blueberries hitting our pails.

My children are amazing migrant workers. I am so lucky to have such hard-working kids. See guys, Mommie shaped your work ethic early on, you can thank me someday when you understand the value of it. Don't forget where you first learned about a hard days work, and when you are making the big bucks, Mommie wants a Porsche.

No field trip is complete without someone having to go potty. About a half hour into the harvest, Charlotte announced that she had to poop. Pee is much easier to deal with in the outside elements, even with girls. Poop, requires a trip to the ever so wonderful, Port-a-Potty.
Welcome to my world. It would not be a triplet plus one blog without mention of bodily functions.

I just thank G-d (everyday) that we are past the diaper phase, and after all the berries they ate while picking, I am praising G-d that tomorrow, I will not have to change any purple poopy pants. I can only imagine how sickening that would be. Believe me, the thought permeated my brain as I watched the kids shoving hand fulls of blueberries

into their mouths. What goes in must come out. I have no idea how many blueberries went in- but sufffice it to say, that Charlotte picked and ate berries for an hour and at the end there were about 6 blueberries in her white bucket. Ewwwww.

As long as I do not have to actively deal micromanaging the toilet habits of four little tushies, we are good.

Better than cable? FOR SURE!

We came home and I cleaned and prepped 26, yes TWENTY-SIX pounds of blueberries for storage.
26 pounds of apples is maybe 35 pieces of fruit. Blueberries weigh nothing individually, so it takes some serious plucking to harvest this many. I froze about half of the crop for smoothies and muffins to be made later.

Then because food network is a part of most Cable Television packages, I felt almost obligated to put on a show. I proceeded to make 14 jarsof no sugar added, whole fruit, blueberry jam. I was like Martha Stewart on steroids. My rating points are off the charts over here. Cable? Really. Who needs television at all.

I guess my daily routine is entertaining, right. I found my calling. I am way better than cable.

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