Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Technicolor Vomit

In honor of Amanda's Twenty-First birthday (today) we celebrated all day and all evening. The younger kids made cards and wished their big sis a happy birthday first thing in the morning. Amanda should have known it was only going to get more exciting as the day progressed.

After finishing her day of life guarding, Grandma Eileen took Amanda and her best girlfriends to dinner.

There were flames, filet mignon, funny moments and plenty of photos. Eating copious amounts of Gengi Japanese steakhouse food is a good base layer for drinking later in the evening. Filling your belly with miso soup, salad with yum yum dressing, shrimp appetizers, sushi, veggies, bean sprouts, fried rice, and filet is absorbent, yes?

The celebration continued way into the evening. Knowing that there would be drunkenness and shots of liquor, Amanda made sure the plans included being home. I really did not have an issue with that, because given the choices, staying home and ringing in a birthday is much safer than going anywhere.

Carly and Maralee made Amanda a very special cake decorated like a panda. With 21 candles and a verse or two of Happy Birthday,

Amanda was officially making a wish. This custom made Amanda Panda cake was 5 layers of neon colors underneath the white frosting.

It was like the Grateful Dead's recipe for psychedelic dessert.

Call me a pessimist, but the entire time the girls were pounding down large slices of this brightly colored cake, I kept thinking, it was a very bad idea to mix Japanese steak house, 5 layer neon cake and

Goldschlager Cinnamon Schnapps shots. I quickly did the math on the stomach contents and I had visions of technicolor vomit.

I excused myself and went to bed, leaving the party goers to their own devices. I hoped that all of Amanda's wishes and dreams would come true. I also hoped that I would not need to call a professional carpet cleaner to remove technicolor hurl with gold sparkles from the basement. At least Amanda would have pretty puke to remember her 21st birthday celebration, right?

Happy Birthday Amanda Panda.

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