Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Slutsky Super Eight Motel: No Vacancy

Netanya arrived right on time. The kids were just giddy with excitement. When my sweet husband figured out that a mother's helper is also a father's helper, he was downright ecstatic. The promise of naps and nights out were enough to get him on board. He did the math on our current head count and asked me, "Where is she gonna sleep?" Like I had not planned it in advance? Sheesh.

We all went to the airport to pick up Netanya. The kids each gave her a yellow rose

and welcomed her with hugs, smooches and squeals of delight. Jeff would have done the same but I assigned him the luggage duties. I am not sure who was the most jazzed to have her here, Jeff or the kids?

As we unloaded Netanya's luggage and got her settled into her room, we realized that we are offically at maximum occupancy here. The Slutsky Super Eight Motel in beautiful New Albany, Ohio has no vacancies. We never thought we could fill all the bedrooms and extra spaces with bodies, but we have done it. The finished basement is housing, Mitchell with Amanda who is home from college, and her friend Carly who is living here for the summer. Argenida is attending classes at CSCC and has her room, while the triplets and Charlotte are bunking upstairs next to the master bedroom. IT IS A FULL HOUSE!

The sweet sound of the kids playing with Netanya are music to my ears. They basically just fell into her lap
and stayed out of my hair the entire afternoon. This is why I don't mind having another warm body around here.

As much as I rag about the chaos and noise, I do love having a house full of people. I enjoy making meals for a crowd, and I would be bored to tears without all the ongoing drama. The thought of peace and quiet is lovely, but I much prefer the No Vacancy Sign hanging in our front window.

The Silly Slutsky Super Eight is now accepting reservations for Fall of 2010, on a first come, first serve basis.

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