Sunday, July 18, 2010

Pulling out all the Free Stops

I schlepped the crew up to Easton for a Sunday full of all the freebies I am famous for. I dressed the kids with bathing suits underneath their clothes so that we could make our final destination, the splash fountains.

It was a plan B kind of day. I was winging it all over Easton. We took Netanya with us, and discovered how much fun it is to show her around. My kids are damn fine tour guides- they do not miss any of the places or important details. With all four of them, it is like getting the play by play in STEREO!

We started with a trolley ride.

Netanya could see the entire Easton area while comfortably seated. The driver let the kids take turns ringing the bell at the trolley stops.

Free entertainment at its finest my friends. When you are three and four years old, ringing that damn trolley bell is as cool as sounding the opening bell on Wall Street.

On Saturday and Sunday afternoons there are free to use, radio controlled sailboats in the center fountain area.
I did not have the heart to let my kids know they could play with them, I implied that we were there to watch them. I had visions of CJ ramming the sailboat into the sides, and I did not want to pay to replace or repair an abused boat. We just watched the little regatta and that was that.

The next stop was the Apple Store as my kids lovingly call it.

This computer playground is complete with an area for children. I was amazed at how much knowledge they have for computers without any formal training. Each of them works a mouse correctly, can play and navigate the i-touch technology and understands the basic keyboard commands. At their age I did not even have pong for Atari yet. CJ was laughing as he played this phonics/letter game. He played it over and over, cracking up each time.

I video taped him because I wanted to document the sweet sound of his laughter and voice. These still photography shots

don't do the moment justice. He really is HILARIOUS!

As we walked by C.O. Bigelow, I noticed the sign for a chair massage.
With all four kids in tow, I plunked down in the massage chair and had myself a rub down. The kids toured the shop with Netanya and sampled lotions and potions.

They all decided the menthol scented products were best because they smelled like mint and were hot and cold on the skin. Free massage for Mommie and minty smelling kids- SCORE!

The next free stop: The Lego Store. I am not sure who enjoyed it more,
the kids or Netanya. We played while a massive hurricane like storm moved in. We waited it out for twenty minutes and the kids could have cared less. I was like Jim Cantore reporting live from the epicenter of the Easton Storm, camera in hand.

I guess this was just part of my plan b kind of day. When I left the house it was 90 degrees, sunny and there were no storms predicted. Go figure. Welcome to Central Ohio- from gorgeous to a hurricane in twenty minutes time. O-H-I-O!

We managed to make it next door to the Yagoot shop for a treat.

While this was the only thing I paid for during our field trip, as we left the manager brought out a huge freezer full of small cupped samples. These were leftover from an event earlier in the day and they needed to give them away. I willingly volunteered to take home a bunch.I am just nice like that. These small cups will be perfect snackage for the kids topped with the fresh blueberries.

After the rain and wind gusts ended, the afternoon returned to plan B normal. The sun was shining again and the kids could not wait another second to get to the famous splash fountain play zone. I always do this last because after the fountains the kids are soaked to the bone. The whole reason I schlepped the kids around all damn day in their swimsuits- The SPLASH FOUNTAINS! We arrived and the fountains were turned off. No one knew why and no one could say if they were going to come back on, so we left. I know the kids were really disappointed, but they kept with the plan B attitude and rolled with it. They shrugged it off and we went on home. I was shocked and proud at how they just adapted. We have arrived.

I pulled out all my free stops today. Now where is Fred with my full body massage? That chair massage was a tease. I am simply exhausted now and I need someone to push and pull on my stops.

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Anniep said...

The fountains were off because of some Peletonia (I think) or bike event this AM. They had 'live entertainment' until at least 1pm. We had a very noisy brunch on the patio at Brio today...

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