Friday, July 9, 2010

The Perks of Private School

Mitchell has been attending private school since Pre-K. At his private prep school he is what is lovingly called, a Lifer. He has spent his entire school career at The Academy, and he has made lifelong friendships. Aside from the stellar education, he has built an arsenal of close friends that are like brothers to him.

When you send your child to an legendary institution like The Academy, there are perks. You can rest assured knowing that your money is being well spent on the finest classroom tools, educated and brilliant teachers, and there is a certain level of excellence that is just expected. Fortunately for us, Mitchell's grandparents pay the tuition, otherwise, it would be public school all the way. From pre-K until now, in his rising senior year, I estimate that his private school education has cost over $150K.

Attending classes with other folks that can afford the price of admission has perks too. Mitchell has many friends with second and third homes. Those of you with children, especially teens, realize that when you are on vacation with your kids, it helps if they bring a friend along. Mitchell is usually that lucky friend. He reaps all the benefits of his private school. Being a good friend, a hilarious individual, and knowing how to make the best of crappy situations is Mitchell's forte. That lucky bastard gets more invitations than you can imagine.

This week Mitchell is in the upper peninsula of Michigan.

His good pal Garrett was trapped at his parents' lake home without anyone his age. How awful it must be to be stuck in a cottage in the middle of no where without the Internet or any friends to hang out with you. Poor Garrett. Bored to death and driving his folks crazy, the parentals decided to fly Mitchell up there to keep their son company. Somehow, Mitchell stepped into a nice, cool weather, summer vacation, complete with a private plane.
By snapping i-phone images for the blog I single handily made Mitchell go ape shit nuts. He absolutely despises my blog and being mentioned, but since he is a minor, I can torture him with the blasted blog. I have about 10 days left before he turns 18.

Jeff and I both went to public school. We both turned out relatively normal. I am sure we missed out on the perks of private school, but now, we can live vicariously through our kids. I suppose it is our own little perk.


loren said...

Dear God, Please torture me via vacation home, with or without access to the mighty interwebs. I've been bad and deserve it! Thanks you kindly.

Nothing shocks me anymore... said...

Poor Poor abused Mitchell. Being forced to fly private plane style to the unknown depths to be someones entertainment and to have it documented nonetheless! You are such a horrible Bonus Mom! :)

Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...

Nothing, I know, I know- it just sucks.

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