Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Natalie's NICU Dress, where fashion began

After the post last week with the boys and their NICU memorabilia, I dug out Natalie's very first outfit. I saved this darling little yellow kimono style dress so that someday, Natalie could put it on her dollies.

It never occurred to me that I would look back and forget how tiny she was back in those early days. This dress puts it in perspective.

Can you believe this once fit her? In fact, it was really baggy on her when she posed for these images. I recall how the arm holes were miles too big and the snaps could not be fastened any tighter. Jeff and I were pleasantly surprised to find her dressed that evening and it was a turning point in the preemie days. When your micro-preemie is healthy enough to get dressed, you are on the road going forward. Despite being clothed, she was too small and fragile to be held, so the pictures are taken in her isolette.

As you can clearly see,this dress is no more than a wrap around vest. Now it is part of the pretend and creative play process. Natalie does not even own a doll small enough for this dress.

Today as I snapped this photo,I decided to upload the before and after images to Costco. I want to print the pictures and frame them, side by side.

If a NICU Mommie ever needed a reality check, these photos would be it. From the size of a pop can, to bitching and moaning about clothing and accessories in four short years! Natalie is quite the overachiever.

For Natalie, her fashion sense began with this little yellow outfit. Oh my, how far we have come!

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