Monday, July 12, 2010

My Savages in the Savage Garden

Making the most of our membership to the Franklin Park Conservatory, I schlepped my savage beasts to the newest installation called, The Savage Garden.

While this exhibit replaces our beloved butterflies, it does not pale in comparison, my kids were all over the place, loving every minute of it.

Let's call this field trip #441.

We examined some of the carnivorous plants up close. The various species were labeled and had magnifying glasses

for a better look. My little scientists were impressed.

The glass and metal sculptures strategically placed throughout the climates were magnificent.

I tried to show the kids the difference between the real plants and the artist replicas, but they could have cared less. It was way more fun to feed the koi

and pick out the fattest fish swimming in the pond. When you are three and four years old, live fish trump fake plants and art.

The hot shop features a glass blowing artist giving demonstrations. The live show entertained the kids for thirty minutes.

We watched as a beautiful vase was crafted. The little minds were churning and turning as fast the hot molton glass on the rods. My artists and scientists were totally mesmerized, until they got hungry that is. I rallied the troops for a quick and easy exit with the promise of food when they were safely buckled in the van. I am not above bribes if done correctly.

The savage garden and all the offerings in the conservatory were a hit with my very own carnivores. Check it out, and be sure to hit the hot spots and the hot shop.

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