Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mutual Benefits-- I am a Slutsky

When it comes to being philanthropic I have good intentions. Lately, I have not been able to make financial contributions to my favorite causes, so instead, I have been donating my time and energy. Today, I donated what I would have spent on a haircut at the Aveda Institute, for the Women's Heart Health campaign at OSU hospital.

This fundraiser was a mutually beneficial event for Aveda's Beauty school, the hospital, and of course, MOI! I conned Argenida to coming too, since she is a my side kick in all adventures.

The advertisements said FREE HAIRCUTS for a Cause.So....How could I resist?

I was able to get the royal treatment at the campus Aveda location. As part of the haircut and blow dry, there was a hand renewal treatment with massage, a scalp and back/chair massage, herbal tea, and a mini facial with hot towels and moisturizing massage.

All deluxe services by the way. Very relaxing and calm.

This afternoon was the exact opposite of yesterday when I schlepped four kids to the zoo by myself. I needed this as a follow up to that.

The experience felt rich at a Fantastic Sam's price. Those cheap-o haircut places just cut hair and add fees for all other services. I always felt nickel and dimed, shampoo extra, blow dry extra, styling extra- blah, blah, blah. The institute is all inclusive and you get value for the money.

I did not mind that the technicians are students- they are closely monitored by the teacher, and it feels more like a salon than a classroom. In the grand scheme of things, I was really just getting my thinning hair trimmed up and cutting off the nasty ends, it was not a style overhaul by any means. We could have skipped the actual scissor part if I got chicken or did not feel comfortable with my stylist, but nahhhhh, it was fine. I figured if my hair got butchered, I could always start wearing my wig again.

Argenida and I had a grand time. We left feeling somewhat rejuvenated and special.We donated ourselves for the greater good and our small monetary contribution went to a cause that I can embrace.

The bottom line is that we sold ourselves out for free haircuts under the guise of being charitable. Fortunately, it was worth it. I am a Slutsky, right?

When it comes to my spa services and money, I am a huge fan of mutual benefits.

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