Friday, July 23, 2010

Mall Rats

I have been schlepping the kids from one end of town to another all week. It has taken every ounce of energy I have to keep them engaged and busy.

The summer weather has been crappy this week. It is hot and humid one minute and pouring down rain the next. This makes my job difficult. Planning entertainment for the kids when you can't be outdoors gets tricky in the summertime.

Allow me to introduce you to my mall rats. They invaded the indoor play area at Polaris today. Under Netanya's watchful eyes, they monkeyed around for a half an hour while I ran a quick errand two stores down. This was a good way for them to rid their bodies of the need to wiggle, jump, climb, and run wild.I took this photo from the upper level and it is like looking at an image from Where's Waldo? Where are the Slutskys?

We meandered through Saks Fifth Avenue so that I could drool at the new fall fashions. The kids practiced riding the escalatorswhich is always a hit. CJ noticed these black ensembles and was sure to point them out to me-

he said, "Mommie, these would be your favorite because they are black, right?" Yes, Mommie does love her some black, designer clothing. The child is so observant and smart.

I guess we can officially label this as field trip #456, and we can now label my kids as mall rats. When the outdoor temperature is over 100 degrees, Mommie is all to happy to let the mall rats roam in the cool comfort of the air conditioning.

The Back to School countdown continues.....tick tock, tick tock, tick tock.

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