Saturday, July 31, 2010

Kiddie Conversations

The triplets are so excited to start school again. We are all in serious countdown mode over here. Each day is one day closer.

Lately, he kids have been chatting up a storm. They have been playing all kinds of games and imaginary make believe scenarios. When I hear them, it cracks me up.

I caught Eli and CJ having an in depth conversation about kindergarten. They were discussing appropriate behavior and specifically, Eli said, "CJ, when you have to go potty in kindergarten, you just raise your hand and ask the teacher." CJ answered Eli and said, "E, I already know that!"

This week Charlotte had a bad dream. She woke up crying and went back to sleep. In the morning she was telling the other kids about the dream. I heard her describing a mean wolf. I asked her more about it, and she went on to say, "Yesternight, I dreamed about a bad wolf." It was hard for me to keep a straight face after she started the sentence with yesternight.

Natalie has a very vivid imagination. She is always the first one to begin the games like pretend restaurant. She will randomly come up to me and hand me a menu that she created with paper and crayon. When I order the food she asks appropriate follow up questions, like what dressing for the salad and if I do not specifically order a beverage she asks what I would like to drink. This girl does not skip a beat. While I was ordering my meal from her restaurant this week, Natalie asked me. " Would you like a martini with a green olive ma'am, that is what you had the last time you were here, I remember because you eat and drink here all the time."

I am documenting these conversations because they are precious to me. In the day to day shuffle and bustle I am always trying to burn these memories into my mind. Once they start school I am sure the gems will get more and more wise, but until then, I am really enjoying the moment.

23 days left until kindergarten.


K'man said...

Wait a minute! Why is Yesternight not a legitimate word? I know what it means, it makes sense immediately when you hear it.
We need to start a groundswell popular movement to get this word accepted!
Your child is a genius!

Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...

I know, she is brilliant, but let's face it, the apple does not fall from the tree, and I make up words all the time.

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