Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I have lost my mind

I had to run an errand into Jo Ann Fabrics today. I walked past some darling bolts of fabric, and just like that, I got bitten by the bug. The sewing bug.

I am a creative soul and I have good intentions. I love the fabric store and I adore the Back To School time of year, which, believe it or not, is NOW! I could not resist the urge to start mixing and matching, coordinating and scheming. I was all over Jo Ann's snapping photos and drooling over the patterns for skirts and dresses!

I have taken a few junior high school sewing classes and I own a sewing machine. My skills are above average so long as the pattern says Easy, or better yet, VERY EASY. Most of my projects turn out darling because I choose fine fabrics and even finer embellishments. The accessorizing and trims make a simple idea spectacular.

I have officially lost my mind. I will be making some girls clothes starting this week. When you see the fabrics and all the doo dads, you might just understand why I am compelled to go a little nuts with Fall Fashion. You don't see these kinds of twirly skirts, layered with precious fabric and trimmed to the max. I will create the masterpieces, then take them to my embroidery and monogram shop for the finishing touches.

I do love me some monograms with coordinating threads.

Emmmmmmmm, so yummy.

Look at this embroidered corduroy. Chocolate Brown with Citrus and Turquoise swirls in a vintage retro design. I have visions of a simple ruffle tier skirt with accents of chocolate minky dot velour. This just screams back to school perfection.

This colorful owl print corduroy is divine. The vivid colors just pop and are perfect with the coordinating dimple dot velour or solid accent colors. I have dreams of this simple jumper, owl print below, minky dot for the bodice, trimmed in jumbo rick rack.

The button aisle got me sucked into the artisan section.

These enormous and little whimsical buttons are sewn on as accents, since I am not prepared to sew anything with legitimate buttonholes. These are too cute not to use. I love a big, bold button.

Ahhhh, Back to School sewing projects- it means that the kids will be back to school soon. I have lost my mind.

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