Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Fourth Times Six

We have been having so much fun with our visiting cousins- the kids are staying up way too late, going all day long at full speed, and my camera battery is drained from all the use. Good times, Good times indeed.

I managed to re-decorate the fearsome six some for the fireworks in honor of the fourth, after various activity and dinner. I wanted to get a great photo of them in their patriotic themed, level I, coordinated, outfits. Clearly, they were not allowed to eat or breathe wrong in these clothes until I snapped a winner!SCORE- all eyes open, all smiles, all good- right?

These kids were all over being red, white and blue in honor of America's birthday.
What kid does not love a birthday party? It turns out that our very own Nana has her birthday on the 5th of July, so in order to crank out a festive, weekend long holiday, we just kept having fun, for Nana and America.

With LOVE from my four plus two on the fourth,
The Queen

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