Monday, July 19, 2010

Gone With The Wind

I have another little video I shot from the Columbus hurricane yesterday. I used the video option on my camera and did not realize that it must be held horizontal while shooting. I have no idea how to flip the image so that you do not have to crank your neck to watch it.

For those of you that love a good thunderstorm, turn your head and crank up the sound.

It was an awful freak storm as witnessed at the lego store at Easton. The wind was forceful and loud. Of course my half-assed attempt at capturing the moment does not do the wind justice.

I just did not know how bad the damage would be until I got home.

Our poor sunroom porch and the Durasol awning above it was blown to bits and on the ground.

It was GONE WITH THE WIND--- literally!

Both arms that support and retract the awning, snapped off

and it was left laying on top of the furniture in a heap of fabric and stripes. This is a suncatcher electric awning with remote control, and it is my summer helper. It shades the playroom in the afternoon and offers us an additional 400 sq. feet of living room with the push of a button. We need that space. We need it daily.

POOF! Gone with the wind!

If you did not think our backyard looked like Hillbilly Heaven before, you will have all the proof now.

All the toys that were on the porch are strewn about the weeds making for a double whammy. Unsightly foliage and Fisher Price plastic- a nice touch right? It looks like Toys R Us threw up in the pine needles. Who needs annuals planted when you can just use pesky weeds and toddler ride-on toys?

I found roofing shingles and some gutter like materials in the yard. There is no way to know if our roof has any damage until a contractor gets up there to inspect it. Things do not look good for the roof, I can already see areas of gaping flaps, and our neighbor two doors down has a blue tarp over a section of his roof. The roofers are already at the other neighbor replacing parts too, so I am guessing that we are headed that way. Can you say a $500 deductible?

Just to recap, we are only 19 days into the month of July and we have one air conditioning control board and a roof/awning collapse.

Frankly my dear readers, I do not give a damn.

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