Saturday, July 3, 2010

Cousins, Chrysalis, Cactus, Chihuly and the Conservatory

The title of this post is a tongue twister that describes our morning in Columbus. We took the cousins on one of our favorite field trips to the Franklin Park Conservatory. We saw the butterfly exhibit, real and sculptured cactus, and the Chihuly glass installations.

My children are like docents at the conservatory. They gave a professional tour of the grounds and were quick to point out the important works by Dale Chihuly. The play area allowed all six kids to release some energy and creativity.

They played for an hour and did a nice job of rotating through the various stations.

After lunch we made sure to tour the blooms and butterfly exhibit.

The 1:00 new butterfly release did not disappoint the kids. It was great to see the smiles and reactions of Lillian (and Sam) since this was their first experience with the conservatory. I could tell they were in awe, and my little tour guides were proud and happy to share the place.

Considering the cactus, Chihuly, and chrysalis were just a blip in our day of non-stop chaos, it shows how cluttered our schedule really was. Cramming our days with cousins and creative play make us all completely content.

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