Thursday, July 22, 2010

Catching Up

I have been behind in my posts. I have several entries in draft mode, and I am trying to dig out, upload images, and put my thoughts onto the keyboard. Slowly, but surely, I am getting caught up.

Let me say that having the extra pair of hands and eyes in Netanya has allowed me to get some stuff done. I have doing tasks around the house and I have neglected the blog in favor of cleaning out the pantry, organizing the freezers, making jam, and weeding through all the Back To School clothes that are no longer the correct sizes. It has been exhausting.

I have been doing the bi-annual pile making for the twins sale and ebay. This reeks havoc with my laundry room- big time. I have clothes to be washed, dried, hung up, folded, tagged and stored. The category of ebay, twins sale, hand me downs and donate fill the laundry baskets and it is liberating. I am getting good at multi-tasking the clothing into the right containers.

In addition to getting the sewing bug for the girls, I have a new little obsession with accessories. The YARMULKE. The boys will be wearing the traditional skull caps at school this fall. If you have known me for three seconds, you realize that this is a fashion opportunity for my kids. Sadly, my boys won't be wearing just any yarmulke, they will be full on matching with their outfits. I am insane like that. I will have a basket full of cutesy, embellished, trimmed and beaded choices. So in addition to my accessorizing with hair bows for the girls, I will be OCD about the boys too. Good news!

It is hard to find really creative and affordable yarmulkes locally. The synagogue gift shops have them but I need two per day in coordinating color schemes to match their outfits. The pressure is on. I have decided to make my own. Look out, I am on the warpath. Have you ever seen a Lilly Pulitzer Yarmulke? Well folks, stick around, you will.

So now I am getting all caught up.

Stay tuned for some posts with photos and smiles. For now, I am giddy with excitement about all my sewing projects.

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Alice said...

Helene~i would love the link to your ebay listings when you get those up!


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