Saturday, July 24, 2010


July is a busy month for us in the birthday department. We celebrate: Uncle Marc, Netanya, Nana, Amanda, Carly, Connor, Mitchell and Alejandro. There is a lot of card making, a ton of cake, and plenty of parties.

Today Connor hosted us for his fifth birthday party. Aunt Diane told me they were getting a bounce house in their backyard, so I used this as currency all week. Some might call this bribery and that is fine. Whatever works. All I can tell you is that when I say, "Only kids with good listening ears will be going to the party, or The children who follow directions will get to play in the bounce house at Connor's birthday party!" it is a genius move on my part.

The kids were in awe of the carousel bounce house.There eyes were as big as saucers when they realized they could go inside and jump. It was like a hundred degrees outside and about 115 in the plastic party place, so I rationed their time in the structure.

Connor modeled his crown that Eli made for him.

They were all to happy to alternate between jumping and demolishing any organization in Connor's play room. At one point, Natalie looked around and loudly announced, "Boy, it is a mess in here!" She is so tactful.

Even the older kids got a turn to jump inside the carousel. Mitchell and Justin shook things up

by bouncing the kids higher and higher with the sheer force of their body weight. It was fun to listen to the howling laughter as the cousins played so nicely inside the largest inflatable bounce house on the planet.

Between jumping and playing the kids cooled off in the water. They ran around, and alternated between getting sweaty inside the bouncer, and splashing themselves silly.

We even got a decent photo of the 6 Silly Slutsky cousins, age 5 and under.

The Pinata was filled with candy and silly bandz. These highly collected rubber band bracelets are the rage you know.
I just wish I had thought of them. I scratch my head in awe to paying $4.99 for a package of twelve animal shaped rubber bands. I missed the boat on this fad. I do not get it, but I can tell you, that the kids are coo-coo for these cheap rubber gizmos.

We are Slutskys, so yes, there was plenty of BBQ, Cake, Ice Cream and fixings. We hung out and gabbed, the kids played and CAKE BOSS was on the big screen tv. It does not get any more fun than that.

As we pulled out of the driveway, CJ exclaimed, "That was the best birthday party I ever went to!"

Enough said.

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