Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Are you HIGH?

While Argenida is at class all morning, I find myself taking the kids on various field trips. This early start to our day gets us up and out of the house before 8:30 in the summer. I try to plan outdoor activities for us, so we can benefit from the cooler temps and morning sun.

Today, I schlepped the fearsome foursome to the Columbus Zoo. Let's call this field trip 459, shall we?
We are finally stroller-less and it is so liberating. I used to take the little pink car with us on adventures and it served the purpose back in the day, but now, we are hands free baby! WOO HOO!

We caught a glimpse of our favorite animal exhibits and climbing sculptures.

The most anticipated creatures are always Charlotte's beloved penguins. She could spend all day viewing them waddle, swim, float and tease her through the glass.

This three year old girl is a little obsessed with penguins.

While I was watching my children, watching the penguins, another mom approached me. She had been surveying my kid scenario and saw me taking photos. I had a hunch the standard, "You've got your hands full!" was headed my way. Instead she asked the following series of questions:

Q: Are they all yours?
A: Yes

Q: You are not the day care person, you are their mother?
A: Yes

Q: And you are here by yourself, with four kids and no stroller, no wagon, no harnesses?
A: Yes, right

Then, she looked me square in the eyes and with the most serious tone she asked:

A: (hysterically laughing) No, I am just crazy.

Welcome to my world folks.

26 days until school starts.

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