Friday, July 16, 2010

Ahhhhhhh, Summer!

It is not officially summer without watermelon. When I was pregnant with Charlotte, I craved huge hunks of almost frozen watermelon. Now, all of my kids absolutely love watermelon too, and pound per pound it is one of the least expensive fresh fruits.

I bought and carved up a huge seedless watermelon. It was ice cold and cut into chunks.

I stripped the kids down and let them enjoy each juicy wedge. Their chins and chests were sticky and disgusting but that is what eating watermelon is supposed to be when you are a kid. See guys, I did let you eat messy foods, I really did. Of course, you had to eat them in the driveway while practically naked, but still.

****There are not any photos of Natalie or Charlotte obviously shirtless at my discretion. Don't fret, they were not left out of all the fun, they just aren't shown here for pervs and freaks to see.

The summer fun continued with a run through the hose.

You did not think I was going to let those juice stained kids in my house did you? I made them run around, go under the bridge and get sprayed with plenty of hose water before they could come inside to get their pajamas. A spritz of the hose is almost as good as a shower in the summer, in my humble opinion.

Happy summer everyone. Enjoy the sun, the watermelon and the smiles.

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