Monday, June 7, 2010

Summer Contests, Field Trip #425

I took the kids to the library for Story Time with Winnie the Pooh. The event was action packed and the kids had lots to do- there were crafts,

dancing, pin the tail on Eeyore, and all kinds of creative play.
These photos were captured on my phone, so I apologize for the crappy quality, but my digital was in the van and the last thing I wanted to do was schlep all four kids back to the van to retrieve it. Even for the blog.

Charlotte enjoyed every minute of this event. She loves all things Pooh, and sat so patiently through the story. She participated and it was so cute to watch her having so much fun.
I am trying to find the biggest possible bows for her hair. It is a compettion to see how big they can get before Charlotte topples over. I am trying to beat Joselle, another triplet mom from Las Vegas in this little blog-war contest. Here is Joselle's cutie, AspenWho wins Michele? Who wins? A tutu skirt covered with sequins and grossgrain ribbon belts with two enormous sea foam green multi layer hair bows- I win I win. Aspen has nothing on my Charlotte. Every day is Level One Clothing. Level One baby!

We signed up for the summer reading program. The kids got a game like form to fill out to show how many books/minutes they read each day. This is a great motivation to read, as if my library hounds needed any help? Multiples are fiercely competitive (as our their blogging mothers) so G-d forbid one of the triplets should beat the other in something. Oy, I swear I spend half the day trying to make sure they are not fighting and challenging each other with every possible task. I have no idea where they have learned this behavior? No clue!

My book worms checked out their own books.

Charlotte's selection featured a penguin, and the other kids chose books that "looked good" which is 4 year old thinking based solely on the cover illustrations. It was hard for Natalie to top last weeks, Natalie and Naughtily.

Field trip #425 to the library was a hit. When we got back to the van, CJ said, "You see Mommie, you did not need your camera because today was the best day of my whole life and I am going to remember it just fine."

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