Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Story Time and Sushi

It was just another summer day here in New Albany. My plan was to schedule us for a field trip, lunch, errands and then dinner. Since Nana and Papa were still here visiting we just schlepped them along because that is how we roll.

The first stop was the New Albany Library. Mr. Dave was leading the group

with stories, singing, dancing and general free entertainment. Of course, the kids were eating it up. The books today centered around a hat theme, and the props were perfect

for my hams who modeled the various fashion statements for the blog. They love going to the library and the best part is that it is easy, educational and F-R-E-E!

Nana and Papa took us out to lunch at Mr. Sushi in Gahanna. The kids love Asian food and it is always fun to watch them try new things. Nana commented that it was great to see them eating and sampling all the items because it shows that they are adventurous eaters. Oh really? Don't all 3 and 4 year olds order their own miso soup, sushi, and green tea?

My kids eat what they are served because otherwise they would be hungry. I am not a short order cook and I can't afford to order 4 individual kids meals so I order an adult meal and they split it.

Adventurous? or Frugal? Only you can decide. Welcome to my fly by the seat of my pants parenting style.

What is better than singing, story books and sushi? I love my summer days with the Silly Slutskys- it is never boring and we are always laughing. It is the story of our lives.

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