Wednesday, June 16, 2010

RUN from the Pheasant Run Resort

I snuck out of town for 2 days with Jeff. He was giving a speech in the suburbs of Chicago and since he was going to drive there, I decided to tag along to help him with the gig. I went along because the event was at a resort in St. Charles, Illinois and I thought it would be a nice getaway.


The client and the event we attended were both fun and lively, so from a work aspect the two days were awesome. I really enjoyed spending time with the group because they were so nice. The resort however, ewwwww, not so much. At all.

I went to the website of the property prior to arrival, when I should have gone to the personal reviews on Trip Advisor. The website of the resort is smoke and mirrors. We stayed at the Pheasant Run Golf Resort.

It was lovely. 25 years ago.

If you are lucky enough to read this blog post in advance of a trip or conference at this decaying place, be forewarned. I just wish I had read more reviews on line before I paid for a babysitter and was utterly disappointed and mildly repulsed.

We paid more than a hundred bucks for one night at this dump and it was a total waste of money. I can almost say that the Best Western or Motel 6 would have been less expensive and possibly nicer.

The place is dated, the rooms are small and poorly designed. The interiors smell musty and the place is in serious need of a make-over. The hallways are dark, damp and the hallway carpets were stained, mushy and wet. I snapped these images so you could see that I was not being a spoiled brat with ritzy expectations (for once).

A luxury resort does not have these kind of rattling, noisy and inefficient air conditioning units in the rooms,
and they certainly do not hang framed posters over what used to be an electrical cabinet. As if we would not notice the cabinet doors underneath?Because covering it with a $25 framed poster looks nice? Come on.

The decor in the rooms has been updated since the 1990's but it is not up to snuff. The bedspreads were nasty and I doubt they wash them between guests, so you know they are germ infested and probably have trace evidence on them. I am sure CSI can come in with those special hand held wand lights and find all kinds of fluids.


There is an indoor swimming pool right inside the atrium. This would be great in winter if it were not moldy along the tile edges. It is located in the central building inside the dining space of the casual restaurant- this means, do not bother to blow your hair out and then go to breakfast, because the humidity in the dining room is off the charts. If you enjoy eating with an overwhelming scent of chlorine and you like your hair to frizz while you dine, by all means, have fun.

The grounds and property itself sit on a golf course with beautiful landscaping. The outdoor pool areas are in need of some serious updating. I should have realized there are not any photos of the outdoor pools on the resort website. Those would be a dead giveaway at the age of the place. Think 1979 postcard with new wrought iron chaise loungers. I believe the place has potential if it is completely gutted, torn down and used for the land and location.

So when you read this blog post because you googled the Pheasant Run Resort, be sure to RUN before you spend any money on a reservation. RUN to the Super 8 and have a pleasant stay. You have been told.


Alice said...

Oh Gawd, I hate staying at places like THAT! I really hate the deceitful pictures they post online too!

After our last trip, I constructed a set of criteria for staying at unfamiliar hotel's; must be newer construction (preferably a Marriot close to the interstate), there must be a strip mall within a stone's throw (preferably with a Target and an Old Navy so that I can purchase missing items inexpensively and family-friendly restraunts nearby. Oh and a Starbucks too! I have lost all sense of adventure in regards to accomodations while traveling!

Sabrina said...

I feel the same way about the Holiday Inn Express in Bloomington, MN. We will be staying at the Radisson next time with our family where we will have A/C that works in our room!

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