Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Pizza, Pool and Pinata Party

Charlotte's party was fun for everyone. No one barfed. No one drowned. No one got a baseball bat in the head during the pinata game. These are all indicators that the party was a real success. Since there was a ton of food, a swimming pool and a violent game, I was betting that we might have some kind of fiasco. I am just really sick and twisted like that.

Let's just leave it to the pretty princess in her three year old portrait and pre-party photos-

don't you want to just eat her up? The girl does love to accessorize= please note: two hair bows, sunglasses, Happy Birthday hair band party hat, skirted swimsuit, pink tulle tutu and coordinating Stuart Weitzman sandals. Ta-da!

There were grandparents, babysitters, cousins,

siblings and friends to help Charlotte celebrate. The party was multi-generational to say the least.

The penguin cake was the most delicious and perfect way to say,

Happy Birthday to a three year old princess.

All the little kids took turns trying to break the pinata

and after all the kids clobbered it, we gave them extra chances to split it open. At one point it looked as though we had an iron clad pinata. So in the spirit of giving everyone a shot, the older kids and senior citizens tried too.

Finally, Daddio did some black belt karate chops and round house kicks but to no avail. That pinata was steel belted.

Mommie put down the camera and beat the living shit out of Dora with the baseball bat. After she was split wide open the kids swarmed in

and tackled the candy. DONE. Take that Dora you Latina diva.

It is hard to top a party with pizza, pools, pinatas and people you love.

At the end of the evening, Charlotte said it best, "Mommie, this is the best birthday party I ever had!"


The Wright Trips said...

Oh, I'm dying laughing at the hubby & other gentleman. Those are hysterical. Seriously, laughing out loud. And Miss Charlotte is gorgeous!

April said...

Looks like fun! As always, your kids all looked adorable!

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