Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Our Summer Reading Program

In preparation for the big K, we have been going to the library a few times a week. My kids are obsessed with learning to read, reading signs, menus, books, listening to stories and being around thousands of book choices.

I have yet to let them experience a bookstore, because, why would I torture them, when we have the most amazing library right around the corner? They can take home almost anything their heart desires at the public library, but at Barnes and Noble ($$$$ books times 4) they would leave empty handed.

Natalie shopped the aisles for more than twenty minutes. She turned her nose up and almost all the books she saw. The little book snob said "no" to every title I suggested. She was determined to find the ultimate story. Suddenly, as if a she saw a ghost, she froze, dead in her tracks! She squealed with excitement and ran toward the end cap. She found her book.

Natalie and Naughtily.

Could the title be anymore perfect? Ummmm. No, it could not.

After reading this book a few times, I can assure you, it is as if it was written for my girl. It turns out that Natalie lives on top a huge department store,(designed to be a replica of, none other than, Bergdorf Goodman) where the title character helps the customers with things like couture gowns, fabulous hats, toys, and perfume. There is a mention of a butler (I had to explain what a butler is) and Cha-CHING, I found her sweet spot for reading. After the second reading Natalie urged me to get us a butler. No shit, honey. No shit.

The book has some fun hidden images in the beautiful illustrations. There were plenty of things for my Natalie and I to discuss as we turned the pages. I showed her the drawing of Barbara Streisand wearing a leopard coat as she did when she filmed Funny Girl. Of course a snooty department store is filled with all kinds of posh items and my Natalie pointed at various luxuries and inquisitively asked about each one. I was so pleased with my little fashionista.

This is what my Natalie looks likeafter reading HER book three times in one evening. All smiles, all giggly and all so happy to be reading with me.

The countdown to Kindergarten continues with our summer reading program. See you at the library!

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