Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Our Berry Nice Day

We started the day bright and early picking black raspberries. We went full throttle, non stop all day long until we all collapsed from exhaustion. Having out of town company allows you to go from activity to activity with ease. After all, you must show the guests a good time.

We arrived in Plain City at 8:10 a.m. which meant, we were up and out by 7:15. I am a little OCD about berry picking so we had to arrive early to get the best rows of bushes, we had to be there before it got crowded and hot, and we had to pick only the finest fruit for my culinary projects. I have become a a berry snob. There, I said it. The kids showed cousin Austin and Evin how to pluck the best quality berries

and it was a field trip with black berry benefits. How cool is it that even Austin woke up early enough to come along and spend time with his cousins. Do you think it had anything to do with the fact that Evin was going? Perhaps having a 16 year old girl join us influenced his decision? I'm just sayin.

After two hours and over ten pounds of fruit in our baskets, it was a berry fine morning. Berry fine indeed!

We worked up an appetite and enjoyed a great picnic lunch at Hannah Park in Gahanna.

The kids monkeyed around and had Evin push them on the swings 355 times. They were all shouting, "Watch me slide, Evin!" Hey, Evin, "Look at me on the climbing bars!" Poor Evin was being tugged in four different directions. Natalie climbed up the jungle gym and was so high
that she was actually reaching for the clouds in the sky. Eli kept swinging higher and higher
until I thought he would wrap himself around the top of the swingset. These kids are fearless.

Since the children were not sufficently wiped out, we decided to bring out our hospitality gift from Sheryl and Evin: A Slip-N-Slide. It is a grass watering, physical challenge, and coordination type outdoor play toy. Oh lord, let them burn off any additional craziness they may have left. There was slipping, sliding,

smiling, and soaking. They loved the experience and I must admit, I love the energy they burned while playing with the new gizmo. Thank you Sheryl and Evin for gifting us with such a marvelous water toy.

Clearly, these photos show the excitement and enjoyment level of the recipients. You can't see me grinning because I am the one behind the camera, but trust me, I was giddy.

This is what it finally looked like at 7:30 tonight

after my mastermind plan of non-stop, balls to the wall activity. Oh, sweet heaven, it has been a berry, berry nice day. Now, it is officially my time to surrender to exhaustion.

Tomorrow.....groupn rejuvination. Ahhhh, berry nice!

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