Tuesday, June 8, 2010

No Va and No Van- both mean the kids are not going anywhere!

edited to add: My van is now at a non- Toyota dealership service/repair center that is owned by another family we know from the preschool....since I supply the owner with gluten free flour like a good "white powder dealer" he is looking it over to see if he can determine what is really going on. Amanda babysits for his children so we all know that he is going do the best he can to figure out "whassup."

Additionally, he will be the one to replace the front brakes (I would rather give him our business)-- since I got the shady vibe from our Toyota dealership. I am not sure they were on the up and up with regard to the transmission situation- stay tuned. Who wants to bet that the problem is a covered warranty thing and that the dealership sent me away so they would not have to cover it?

I have a suspicion or Mommie intuition that the Toyota dealer thought I would go away and come back in a few months with the same situation, minus the full coverage warranty. $$$$$$

First Eli needs thousands of dollars in dental surgical treatments, now the van is in for service. I have said it before, and I will say it again, we do not spend money, we HEMORRHAGE it.

In Spanish No Va means "no go" and in Silly Slutsky English, "No Van" means that my kids are stuck at home. This translates to: until my Toyota gets its' Swagger back, my children must be within walking distance of their destination.

Aside from the standard oil change, I am having new front brakes put on the Sienna. Then, there is a little problem with the transmission. It is missing and skipping, like my foot has slipped off the accelerator but it hasn't. This issue has happened more than a few times this week, and thankfully, it did it when Jeff was driving, so he knows I am not making it up. With all the Toyota acceleration recalls I am a bit troubled by the thought of the van being out of commission. This van has to last us until the triplets are out of car seats or by the time they graduate high school. whichever comes first. Like we can afford to replace our vehicle. Muhhhh hahhhh hhaaa.

I dropped off the van at the Toyota dealership and they had it in the service bay all day. Jeff was kind enough to follow me over for the drop off so I was not completely stranded and forced to watch Fox News in the reception waiting lounge. He kindly took me to the office so I could catch up on paperwork. While we were at the office, I showed Jeff the latest marketing campaign for our beloved Toyota Sienna. We both just laughed at the whole Swagger Wagon concept, and this is the music video segment of their new branding on the mini van:

This is us- only with fewer kids and more talent. Obviously this totally brilliant ad campaign aims to market the van to a younger, hipper audience than most other minivans. What recall problems, right? Word.

Of course the Toyota Dealer service department did not find anything wrong with the transmission. Hopefully we can get it resolved soon. I have a 100K mile warranty and 84K on it as of today. If the van is going to shoot craps it better hurry up. You dig? True Dat, this Mother Father wagon better last.

My kids are going a bit stir crazy as we are used to going somewhere every single day. They have lost their swagger- literally.

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