Saturday, June 26, 2010

My Deer Neighbor in New Albany, Ohio

If there is one thing I have loved about raising my children in Central Ohio, it is the ability to teach them about all four seasons and nature- first hand. As much as I bitch and moan about the winter here, it is a nice place to live, from May to November. Where else can you pick produce, go to the pool without melting, and play from sun up to sundown all summer long?

We live in a white picket fence suburb of Columbus. New Albany used to be the "country" and it was an equestrian town

until it was developed into suburban oasis for the friends and employees of the Limited Brands. In all honesty, living in New Albany is never boring. It is always calm and serene but there is always something happening.

Just this week we had a major drug bust at Don Patron, the little Mexican Restaurant up the road. This was a 10 month sting operation for cocaine, and it gave a new meaning to having coke with your tacos at Don Patron. 13 people were arrested, which is like a new record here in my sleepy little village. Just when you think New Albany is all prim and proper- ahhhh, yeah, think again.

Tonight, after the kids were tucked into bed and were sleeping, I went out back to check on my tomatoes and herbs. I am happy to report that my first tomato should be ripe enough to slice and eat by the time my out of town guests arrive on Monday. Nothing says welcome to New Albany like a fresh BLT with homegrown tomatoes.

As I finished walking the perimeter of the yard with my glass of Pinot Noir, I noticed my new neighbor. Apparently, she has settled in across the street on Sleeping Meadow Drive. (Yes, that is the real name of the street) She is a beauty, sleek and trim like most of the New Albany mommies, and I was surprised at how friendly she was on our first meeting.

Argenida approached her and welcomed her to our little neighborhood. Oh Deer! No wonder Lenny was barking his head off while I was putting the kids to sleep.

I will look back (lovingly) at this post in a few months when the temperatures fall into numbers that reference a wind chill. I will reflect on how happy I was to share my evening with my new neighbor, and hopefully, this post will serve as good advertising and public relations for New Albany. Maybe?

Who wouldn't love to live here?


Aaryn said...

whoa, brave Argenita!!!

Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...

Aaryn- I just talked to a neighbor who said that deer is a doe with a few babies living behind the creek in the wooded area. She is so tame and friendly with humans because she feed that deer by hand. She has been treating that deer like a pet by giving her food. At dusk she roams the hood eating flowers and grass, but she always come back.

We are going to check tonight to see if she is out wandering in our yard.

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