Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Most Expensive Cherry Jam EVER!

I just finished making what turned out to be the best Sour Cherry Jam ever. It also ended up being the most expensive Cherry Jam. When you factor in actual costs, plus labor, it would have been a hell of a lot cheaper to buy the fancy gourmet jams sold in specialty stores.

Oh, but not moi. No way. I had to hand pick the cherries, and make the jarred jelly myself. The Jewish Martha Stewart in me was kvelling. My finished product was going to be so worthy that it would not matter the costs. Except that my husband is not Mr. Martha Stewart, at all, and he started analyzing my jam making episode and deemed this one of my hair brained schemes. See if he gets any of the cherry spread on his toast. NOT.

Okay, so I admit, it was not a cost cutting measure to make Sour Cherry Jam. But it was totally worth it. I have satisfaction along with the red stained fingernails and hands.

The first step in doing any baking, cooking or storing of fresh cherries involves cleaning and pitting the cherries. I had fourteen pounds to do, and this was the time consuming part of the adventure. I could not find my olive/cherry pitting tool anywhere. I looked through each and every one of my utensil drawers and came up empty handed. My quest for the right pitting equipment took me to Marshalls, Meijers, Giant Eagle, and the scary International Wal-Mart. *SHUDDER* I took a photo of my van in the parking lot because I knew that I needed proof of my desperation to find the pitter. I find every possible reason to NOT go to this store. This Wal-Mart is frightening.

My final and fruitful (pun intended) stop at Sur La Table, was a perfection. Not only did they have a choice of tools, the manager woo-ed me to look around by offering me a freshly made latte.
I know she was hoping I would fall in love with the coffee maker, but at this price, I had to just take the cherry pitter and run. RUN. RUN LIKE THE WIND. I would be divorced if I spent $2400 plus tax on a latte maker. I would be divorced and fully caffeinated.

I scored this nifty machinefor $14.99 and used my gift card balance from when we got married. I have been carrying around the remaining funds on a Sur La Table gift card for SEVEN friggin years, and I finally found something I had to have and could not get anywhere else cheaper. VOILA. Done. I felt goooooood.

I did not have time to actually make the jam, but I set aside a block of two hours on Saturday afternoon. After our annual garage sale event. So if I did not have enough on my plate with preparing my own jam, I had to finish tagging and organizing all the "stuff" for our money making, hair brained scheme.

Stay tuned to hear more about the most expensive Cherry Jam EVAH. I will update the blog when I get the feeling back in my fingers, and get the red juice stains out from under my french manicure.

Martha Stewart can bite me. Dean and Deluca can eat their hearts out. Sour Cherry Jam by Helene Slutsky is the most expensive and best tasting product around.

Yes, I resisted the overwhelming urge to call this project the pits.

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Susan said...

What fun to catch up with my dear Slutsky family! Hope to be back in Columbus soon and get to see you all.
Smiled when I received the family photo card and really was jealous about the Butter bonanza!

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