Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Jam Packed Saturday

Of course my title is a play on words. Jam packed. Sure, we had a Saturday full of activity and constant excitement, but I also finished making sour cherry jam until about 2 o'clock this morning, or is it last night?

I stayed up way past my bedtime finishing the jams. It took me a while to pit all the cherries. Then, I had to guard them from the husband who kept trying to steal them. Fresh cherries are a luxury item, but fresh cherries already pitted are a hot commodity and a luxury item, so I had to use them up fast before they were gone. I cranked out another 9 jars of jam. I have it down to a science now and I am almost ready to quit my day job. As if.

The morning came way way way way too early. As in all four monkeys were up before 6:15 and Jeff tried his best to manage them downstairs by himself. This means that technically I get a bit more sleep while he is supervising, but in reality, I wake up to complete chaos and 2 hours worth of work undoing what he lets them do while I am still upstairs. Is it worth it? Some days yes, some days no.

I sent Jeff off to work and I planned the rest of my day with the kids. Argenida had the morning to herself so I dressed and decorated them and took them out. We hit the New Albany library, Giant Eagle, Lambton Park, and the Doo Dah Parade downtown. Nothing keeps the kids busy like constant activity and a gay pride event.

Eli noticed three men wearing only thong underwear. I could see him eyeing the situation curiously, and wondering what the hell that was all about. Eli said, "Look at those guys, they are only wearing underwear and I can see their dinkys. Then without skipping a beat, C.J. adds, "Oh yeah, and you can totally see their tushies too."

So in addition to the three gay guys who were packing, we had an awesome Saturday full of excitement and fun. It was a jam packed Saturday, indeed!

and yes, I resisted the overwhelming urge to capture the image on my digital. There are some things best left to the imagination.

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Michele S said...

OMG. I need pictures over here! What the heck, Helene?

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