Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The In Law Lottery- I WON IT

When my friends complain about their crazy in laws I listen. I hear what they are saying but I do not fully understand the complexity of the situation. When I married Jeff I won the in-law lottery. There is very little drama in our relationship.

Of all of the families I could have inherited by marriage, I hit the jackpot. The Slutsky clan is like an extension of my own family-- only shorter and more fun.

How many brother and sister in laws willingly open up their home to the friends of the sister in law, like moi? My best friends (the Gladins) are here visiting from Virginia Beach. With all of our extra house guests, an Au Pair, college students home for the summer, and our own 6 kids, we were hanging up the NO VACANCY sign. So, Marc and Edye are hosting MY FRIENDS at their home, my friends are staying with my brother and sister in law. How cool is that?

It does not hurt that Marc and Edye's house is pristine, clean and quiet with a beautiful backyard and an outdoor living room. Who wouldn't prefer to bunk at their house given a choice?

Awwww, hell I want to live there. Compared to my overgrown weed garden, dandelion valley, honey stained carpet, sharpie mural couches, and Jackson Pollack walls, it is like Jeff and I are the New Albany Super Eight, and Marc and Edye are the New Albany Ritz Carlton! Maybe someday my house will be organized, clean and silent, but today, tomorrow and next week, there is not a chance.

Tonight after we all went out to dinner, we went back to Marc and Edye's for a very impromptu patio party.

We sat outside enjoying the company and the amazing cool summer night. There were stars in the sky and plenty of cool breezes. We gazed into the fire pit, roasted marshmallows
for smores and sipped red wine. With my IN LAWS. Do you understand that these folks are my family? I like them.

Jeff was able to smoke the Macanudo I bought him. He did his best Godfather impression
and was relaxed to spend some time just hanging out with us.

It was the kind of night that you remember for a long time- the kind of night where you laugh, share embarrassing stories (like when I waxed Jeff's ass and he looked a baboon) and just get along because you like each other.

I am so blessed. I won the in law lottery- big time.


April said...

Haha. I was looking at the blog "$hi7 my kids ruined" yesterday, and instantly recognized your submission..... by your couch.

Alice said...

Their patio is gorgeous. I may refer back to this post at a later date when we are ready to do our pavers and planters, etc.

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