Friday, June 4, 2010

I love my Dermatologists

Odd title for a post, right? Just keep reading....

I have enjoyed the amazing service I get from my dermatologists, Kelley J. Zyniewicz M.D and Jennifer L. Nash M.D. They are both personable, caring, skilled and very aggressive with treatment. I even won their praise for being one the most pale patients, which is a HUGE compliment.

When the office moved to a new building in Westerville, I followed to the new location. I would have driven to Toledo, but I am loyal like that. The larger and modern space is clean, beautiful, and state of the art. So it is a little further north- big whoop.

In addition to providing exceptional care, the offices of Central Ohio Skin and Cancer is housed in the building that provides F-R-E-E drop in child care. They allow you to ditch your children for up to two hours while you are seeing a physician there. Hello???? Free babysitting while I am at the doctor's office- awww shucks, I am swooning. Aside from being ultra convenient, this is a major savings for me, as I can schlep all four kids with me, and not have to shell out for a sitter and a co-pay.

The Bright Horizons center is absolutely lovely.

They offer arts and crafts, games, puzzles, toys and the attention of new eyes and ears. My kids could not wait to go in and start having fun. I left them while I went to see my dermatologist and was actually hoping she was running late so that I could read magazines in the waiting area. Alone. As in, by myself. Like, while the kids were happily being supervised downstairs.

I finished my medical business (all areas looking good thank G-d) and returned an hour later to pick up the kids. They begged me to let them stay longer. I asked the attendants if that was acceptable, and they said, sure. The ladies suggested that I trot over to the other side of the lobby to sit in the cafe. C'mon, twist my arm as I sip a large lattefrom Tim Horton's. Look out Giant Eagle, you have serious competition for being my new favorite spot.

While I do LOVE my dermatologist, there are only so many times I can schedule moles to be removed, sun spots to be examined, and so on. I need to look at the building directory to see what other medical professionals office there. Is it wrong to be excited to schedule doctor appointments?

Central Ohio Skin and Cancer- nice move. Literally. I love you all!
The Queen

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Lori said...

I would SO be scheduling appointments in that building! I've loved the Eagle's Next from the moment my kids were old enough. Now that preschool is done for the summer we are there at least once a week for mommy's break!

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