Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I am Nacho Mama

Once a week the kids request (more like demand) that I make Nachos for dinner. Well, actually I prep all the ingredients and set up the buffet and they decorate their own nachos.

I will often ask for dinner suggestions while we are having breakfast. Eli almost always asks for tilapia, Charlotte loves shrimp, and the others agree with them or hint at a nacho bar. I laugh every single time they say, "Nachos Mama." I always reply with, "Hey I am Nacho Mama, and they hoot, and holler at how utterly hilarious I am. Not your mama, as if.

The nacho bar is a regular rotating meal in our house.

I just set up the toppings and let the kids create.Tonight we had choices of: bean dip, Spanish rice, fresh guacamole, salsa, cheese, sour cream, olives and black beans all piled onto tortilla corn chips. I can crank out this spread in about 20 minutes and it is a great way to use up other leftovers like grilled chicken or steamed rice.

My little gringos LOVE nachos!

I keep reminding the kids that I am Nacho Mama. I said it again before bedtime and Charlotte, said, "Mommie, quit sayin that, you are our Mama!"

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