Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hemorrhaging Money

Sometimes you have to spend money on necessary evils. Today was one of those days.

On steroids.

We started our morning with Eli's dental surgery at Children's Hospital. I found out that the sedation is covered under our medical insurance, once we meet the deductible, which is $3600, so that was $997 spent. The dental surgeon portion is paid out of pocket because we do not have dental coverage. Add another $9K. There were other miscellaneous expenses like parking and medications, but compared to the rest of the bill, it is hardly worth mentioning.

Eli did great and thankfully there weren't any dental surprises. We took some before photos so you could see how brave and calm he was prior to his procedures.

He walked into the OR, hopped up on the table and selected strawberry for the scent inside the mask. Two hours later we met him in the recovery room and waited for him to wake up. Eli was a bit irritable but otherwise, fine.

When we got home it felt warm in the house. I checked the thermostat and it was set for 70 but the actual inside reading as 74. Since Argenida had been doing laundry, and the backyard awning was retracted, I chalked the discrepancy up to summer sun, and shrugged it off. I took Eli upstairs to my room and we snuggled and napped off and on while watching various Nick Junior shows.

By 3:30 the inside temperature had climbed to 80.I felt the registers and there was no air coming out. Nothing. Yet the ac compressor was running outside and the fans were turning. I called our service company and they suggested I turn off the unit and wait for the service technician who could be there between 6 and 7 in the evening. It was hot in the house but it was not awful. I made myself a refreshing cocktailwith lemonade, and VOX Vodka with a twist. I braced my nerves for the worst news, just in case. It was a good thing I decided to medicate myself with a cold beverage.

It turned out that our circuit board went bad inside the furnace/ac unit.
We were lucky that our service technician's truck had the part and he could replace it on the spot. For $949. Plus the service call and taxes, it was more like $1147.00 but who is counting?

In the good old days when unexpected financial problems occurred it was almost always a couple a hundred bucks. Back then my fears were car repairs and household maintenance items. Now, I just hemorrhage in the thousands, and guess what? We do not have the money just laying around. It is not like I am just writing checks left and right. We are juggling. We are scrambling to pay credit cards, loans, tuition, health care premiums, utilities and mortgages. Food and Utilities are paid first, then we do the money shuffle.

I spent over eleven grand today and I did not get to enjoy it. It is not like plunking down 11K on a convertible, or a piece of important jewelry. Spending this kind of of moolah, when you don't have it in the first place is painful. I have been trying to blog about our family fun, but days like today are real. They are not fun, they are not glamorous, but they are indeed part of life.

Next time I spend this kind of money I want something decent to show for it.

If you can repair the situation with money, it is not really a problem. Welcome to my world. I am just sitting over here, hemorrhaging money.

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Alice said...

Ouch, 11k in 1 day!!!

We are doing the shuffle too right now! We are both self-employed with super high medical deductibles and no vision or dental. We are still paying the hospital bill for the trio...they will be paid for in full on their 4th b-day in December.

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