Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Heads we WIN!

I color coded all of the baby NICU photos by posing the kids with hats in their assigned colors. In many of the pictures it was going to be difficult to tell who was who, so I took the advice of the nurses, and kept the babies in a certain color hat for their stay.

Eli was always in blue, CJ was always yellow and Natalie was pink or white because she had to have a few options when accessorizing, even back then. Somethings go without saying. Duh.

I just found the first two original NICU hats when I was organizing the upstairs cabinets.I saved these tiny little caps because they were handmade for our boys and they were part of the precious memories I have from our time in the NICU. Most of my memories are like Post Traumatic Stress disorder, but these hats represent the kindness of strangers since they were made by a group of senior citizens who knit preemie hats for the babies at OSU.

The hats you see in this post were actually a little too big on the boys during the first few times they modeled them. We did not have any choices because these were the smallest hats available.
We were required to put hats on the peanuts when we held them (at their gestational age in these photos, they were unable to maintain their own body temperature) and the hats allowed us to be able to take them out of their isolettes.
I could not have held the babes without a hat. They were so incredibly small in these images, especially when you compare them to my hands or realize that they are bundled with blankets.

Can you believe these are the same boys that wore the blue and yellow hats on their itsy bitsy heads?

This helps put their prematurity into perspective. My, my, how far we have come.

When I found these crocheted caps, I immediately thought, wow, we won the war. HEADS WE WIN!

The boys were more than willing to show me how much bigger their heads are now. CJ said, "Yeah, we were really small when we were born, but now we are bigger because we eat our asparagus."

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