Friday, June 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Charlotte

My baby is three years old today. THREE years old. She is constantly reminding me that she is a big girl and yet I still call her Bebe, or my baby.

I wanted to capture her excitement for this birthday, so when I found these darling appliqued tee shirts with matching tutu, I could not resist. Custom made with a monogram or initial, or number (as in #3) they are are cute as can be. Another triplet mom makes and sells these on her etsy store!

Baby Charlotte was so completely thrilled to wear the ensemble, she could not wait until her actual birthday, so I have dressed her in it all week. She will get a chance to wear it for her family birthday party too.

My baby is three, so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHARLIE LANA.


Alicia said...

Happy Birthday Charlotte!

Hi Helene - my name is Alicia and I was sitting next to you in line at the last twins sale. Someone on a private multiples board I'm on pointed out your blog to me and I was like "hey! I know her!" I've been following your blog ever since the sale and I think you are hilarious! I really enjoy all your pictures and commentary and just wanted to let you know that another Cbus mom (in New Albany!) is out there reading and enjoying your musings. Have a great weekend! Alicia (mom to Sam and Will, 020.03.08, born at 34w5d)

Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...

thanks Alicia, how nice.

Did you recognize me from the tee shirt with Mommie's Sippy Cup? That is a dead ringer.

Perhaps I will see you at the Plain Township Pool?

Alicia said...

Yep, someone directed me to your post about the sale and then I remembered your shirt (and of course you telling us about your triplets+1). I don't know about the pool... I've never been there, and after your description I'm thinking I'm not plastic enough to fit in. :) We belog to the Gahanna YMCA... more my style.

Michele S said...

Awww. She is such a doll. I love the tutu and big smiles. Happy Birthday to your baby.

Surviving Triplets said...

Thank you so much! I really appreciate you coming to me for the outfit. Let me know if you ever need anything else in the future :)


Surviving Triplets said...

AND...she is absolutely precious! Do you mind if I snag the pics for the Etsy store & my blog?

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