Friday, June 11, 2010

Go South Africa Go

These kids are really beginning to understand challenges, competition and sportsmanship. The proof came when I was explaining about the World Cup Soccer matches being held in South Africa.

Of course, the triplets remain faithful and true to anything South African after their experience with Yolanda, our very first au pair. Since they love Yo Yo, by association they love and adore anything South African, especially a socoer team. I was pretty proud of them when they started jumping,

yelling, dancing, prancing, cheering, chanting and rooting for South Africa during the match against Mexico.

Argenida's boyfriend is an avid soccer fan, and he is from Mexico originally. The fierce rivalry was evident when my children chose to root for South Africa in direct opposition to the big Mexican guy in the other room. I was cracking up at how they picked a side and stuck with it.

And oh yes, they still miss Yo Yo, soooo much, as Eli says.

When the match ended in a tie I had some explaining to do. The kids and I decided that the final score meant both teams were awesome and neither team really lost. Trust me, it felt like the Buckeyes were playing Michigan, it was that intense.

Yo Yo was the clear winner in our hearts, so Go Yo Yo Go!

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