Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day Feast

In honor of our very own daddio, the kids and I treated Jeff to several feasts and some family fun. After all, Father's Day is a major holiday when you are 3 and 4 years old. We had to pull out all the stops.

We all let Daddy sleep late while Mommie rocked an awesome brunch feast. I decided to go for the full on Father's Day Festival style brunch complete with a the freshest fruit salad, turkey sausage links, bananas foster filled crepes and of course, his precious Diet Coke. We served it all to our fearless leader in his bed.

Our King in the King sized bed with 4 kids, so typical of most of our mornings, minus the fancy food. The kids were so excited to be a part of his celebration.

Natalie's card was so cute. She wrote his name on the front
and inside she tried to write I love you. No one helped her with this so her handiwork and spelling are genuine. She crafted this while I was prepping all the food.

No Father's day would be complete without a trip to the hardware store. In our case we needed a new switch for the ceiling fan, some caulk, and a some concrete pavers.

The kids broke the ceiling fan switch clean off the wall and we needed a replacement. Check. Then, there is a leaky window at the office. Caulk- done. The concrete paving bricks are for karate. Jeff is practicing for his promotion to second degree black belt and he will be breaking them with his hands. Thankfully he did not need the fancy sculptured decorative bricks, for once, the .98 version was just what we needed. Don't fret, there are not any do it yourself landscaping projects in the works. Lord no.

I scored some amazing fresh, line caught, wild Copper River Salmon from my fish guy at Giant Eagle. This is the best salmon around. I made another Father's Day feastwith all the trimmings. It was family fun around the dinner table with plenty of laughs as usual.

We presented our favorite father with a beautiful canvas print of all of the kids. I recycled the images from the Adam Queen photo shoot that was my Mother's Day gift. I had a 20x30 stretched canvas made from a groupon deal. SCORE! Daddy will be hanging this precious portrait in our home, so like all gifts, this is a treat for Mommie too. I totally finagled that one.

We all have heard that a way to a man's heart is through his stomach. I know my husband and my children know their father, which is why we woke him with brunch and a diet coke. In our case, the way to Jeff Slutsky's heart is with a glass of diet coke. It would not be a father's day feast without either one them.

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Michele S said...

I could never take a picture of Greg in bed. He sleeps nude. He looks like a grizzly.

Looks like your man had a great day!!!

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