Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cherries Jubilee

I got an email from Lynd's, the apple orchard in Pataskala. Their cherry trees were open for You Pick Cherries this morning starting at 9:00 and they expected to have the trees picked clean sometime during the day. This meant that I had to be up and out early in order to score the mother load.

I arranged child care and went to Lynd's by MYSELF. SOLO, ALONE. SANS CHILDREN. IN SOLITARY. COMPANION LESS. STAG. Do you realize how this NEVER EVER happens?

I was not sure about the height of the trees, use of tall ladders and if the adventure would be fun with the kids. It was so peacefuland amazing to be there, alone, enjoying nature. I considered this my own version of Cherries Jubilee, because the dictionary definition of Jubilee is: A season or an occasion of joyful celebration, and being there was just that.

I was a little bit sad that the kids missed the experience because they would have LOVED it, but I was selfishly thrilled to be able to harvest the Sour Regina Cherries without micromanaging the bucket. Little hands helping can sometimes be a mixed blessing. Think stems, rotting cherries, and all kinds of other treasures added to the pail by small hands.

I arrived ahead of schedule so that I could take my time. That was a good move because by about 9:05 the place was hopping. I found a few good spots

and proceeded to spend an hour in the silence of the cherry trees. Ahhhhh, Cherries Jubilee. It was so therapeutic.

By 9:30 it was downright crowded. I could not believe how many people actually showed up.
I was happy for the farm business but a little sad that the trees would be empty before I could bring my kids back later in the day.

At $1.00 a pound, I had to stock up. I plan to make Jams, Pies, Cherry Brandy. Blintzes, and a few other bakery items. First, I have to wash, and pit 14 pounds of cherries. Standing over the sink with red juice dribbling down my wrists takes some of the Martha Stewart fun out of the whole deal, but I am sure it will be worth it.

In honor of my new found zen from an hour in the cherry trees, I will "wow" the kids with a new dessert. On the menu for tomorrow we will have Cherries Jubilee flambe at table side. Nothing impresses my children more than ice cream and a large open flame. Where did I put those tie dye tee shirts? Cherry stains and Level I, II or III clothing do not mix.

Mommie is loving the summer. Cherries jubilee any way you get it, is a wonderful treat.

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