Thursday, June 17, 2010

Caught Red Handed

There are several advantages to having a pack of preschoolers at your disposal. Picking produce is one of the best ways I know to exhaust the kids, teach a lesson in agriculture, stock the pantry/freezer, and enjoy the free labor.

Welcome to Lynd's. I invaded the cherry orchard with all four monkeys and Argenida. They do not grow cherries in Panama, so this was a first for the kids and Argenida. It did not take long before my little workers

were filling up buckets. We picked the sour, baking cherries because they have more flavor and work well in my recipes.

The kids perfected the art of sampling as they selected. It was a wonder we had any cherries in our bucket because they crammed so many in their mouths as they were deciding which tree had the best cherries on it.

Natalie claimed that she was not eating them, but the juice stains caught her red handed, and red faced. Nice try Neatums, Nice try.

There were some ladders for added physical stimulation. The kids climbed into the taller branches

and found the BIG DADDY cherries. It was a contest to see who could find the largest, the darkest, the smallest, and the most weird looking cherries. Oh the fun as plucked cherries for an hour.

We harvested about 15 more pounds of the tart cherries. The kids were so proud of their hard work.

They loved the field trip to Lynd's. Their great time was captured for the blog, so you got us all, red handed.


Michele S said...

I cannot believe you color coordinate to go cherry picking. I cannot even compete with you, ruler of the Universe.

Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...

Oh yes, I did color coordinate, but these Vineyard Vines Polo shirts are level III clothing because they have been washed so many times that the color is completed faded out and the collars are frayed from use. I bought three initially before Charlotte was even born, so that is how old they are- But I guess they still look good enough for me to maintain my ruler of the universe status, huh?

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