Friday, June 25, 2010

Black Raspberry Smiles

We headed to Plain City to pick the Black Raspberries from Mitchell's Berry Farm. This is one of our favorite summer field trips. The farm is always full of fruit and the kids eat their share while they are working.

The black raspberries are plump with dark red juice. The evidence of snacking is obvious. Charlotte was covered in drippings

and her basket never had more than a few berries in it at one time. For every black raspberry she picked, she ate two from Argenida's harvest.

Our daily field trips keep me sane. The fresh air, exercise

and stimulation are great for exhausting the little ones. I come home with the best produce and the kids are so beat, I can actually work in the kitchen while they re-energize. This is a huge Win-Win!

We came home with plenty of berries for jams and pies. I plan to make a black raspberry crumb cake tonight, and I will update the blog with the rest of the recipe and photos. For now, just live vicariously through our black raspberry smiles.

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