Monday, June 28, 2010

The $1000 Jeopardy Question, answered by a 4 year old named Eli Slutsky

It has been a long standing family tradition to record Jeopardy on the tivo, and watch it after dinner. We have been challenging Amanda and Mitchell to games of Jeopardy for years. We typically play for money and bragging rights.

Imagine our pleasant surprise when Eli correctly answered the $1000 Jeopardy question before Alex Trabeck finished asking. Jeff was completely blown away. My hair brained field trips are totally paying off. I am going to be the mother of the year.

I asked Jeff to rewind the program so I could get this on video, obviously, this is a re-enactment of what happened, but it is genuine. We did not tell Eli how to respond, he was simply watching Jeopardy with us, and piped up with the correct response. He is 4 years old and he was able to get it right.

OMG, he nailed it. The artist is Dale Chihuly, and after taking the kids to the Franklin Park Conservatory a million times, my four year old child was able to get the thousand dollar question right, when none of the adult contestants were able to answer at all. If anyone ever doubted that the kids were learning from all of my adventures, I would point to this video re-enactment as my glory.

Next year when Eli starts soaking up all the fun facts in kindergarten, I pity the fool that plays him in Jeopardy. Take that Alex Trabeck.

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