Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Why Didn't I think of it FIRST?

I was introduced to a website that only a parent can appreciate. Parents of multiples just multiply the content by how many children you had at one time. The site, is shitmykidsruined.com. and it is like the FML or texts from last night sites in that people post their funny stuff and we all laugh at their expense.

Muhhhhahhha, hilarious.

Unless you are me. I swear to you, this blog as my witness, I should have started it first. With all the stories, photos and videos I have, with four monkeys that egg each other on, I would have been armed to post for weeks without having to rely on the general public to submit entries.

Take a look at these with nostalgia, tears, chuckles and grins. This is my everyday life. I am the original parent of SHIT*MY*KIDS*HAVE*RUINED!

The desitin, bathroom escape artist incident:

ruined the wood floor with nail polish and various oil based creams, desitin in their hair, and of course, perfume saturation. A prime example of my over-achievers.

Markers were my worst enemy for a while.

No matter where we hid them, no matter how locked up and put away they were, our kids managed to find them and use them. On everything including themselves.

There was always an element of surprise when we went into their rooms during or after they were allegedly napping.

These hand print turkeys were a combination of creativity and bronzing powder on the walls. The clothing that was dumped from all the drawers was a small infraction in comparison to having to repaint.

Shit happens, that is a given. However, shit happens on the floor sometimes
and when it comes to ruining your appetite nothing does the trick better than having to clean feces from the hard wood floor. Cleaning up urine from the playground is close second.These moments are burned on my brain. When I try to resist eating and snacking, I just dial into these thoughts and I am simply not hungry.

Speaking of floors....maple syrup and tile does not mix.Unless you have two very hungry boys willing to lick it up. Ewwwwww.

If you have followed this blog for any length of time, you will recognize most of these moments as they appear in the shitmykidshaveruined hall of fame.

When you have some spare time, (as if) check out the posts on the official site and think of me.


Anonymous said...

That is such a fun site, but I can't figure out how to get past page 2. There is no arrow after that. What am I missing?

Michele S said...

OMG. You are hysterical. I cannot wait to go see that site. Although looking at your pictures actually gives me the willies. Sort of like a scary LSD flashback.

Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...

Anon- there is a click arrow on the lower right corner of the page. Just keeping clicking the icon to scroll back as many pages as are posted. As of today there are 13 pages deep.

Michele- Gives you the willies??? You my friend are a mere year ahead of me in the journey and you are the one with a child climbing on your roof. I have the willies.

Katie said...

Your stories are all I need for now! At least you can see the humor that others will find in your pain (and ruined stuff!) Brownie points for that!

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