Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Update from Disney

I have driven about 1200 miles since Friday morning. I do not have access to a laptop here in Orlando until Jeff arrives tomorrow. I have so much to say and a couple hundred cute photos to post, but without the Internet I am S-O-L.

The blog is back burner yet again.

Believe me, it is not for a lack of content but rather a lack of execution.

I am taking notes and saving the photos and will try my best to update the blog retroactively when possible.

Until then, you should know that it is unseasonably HOT as HELL here, and I am schvitzing up a storm. The kids are doing well, and I can't type about their behavior yet for fear of jinxing it. If I say how healthy everyone is, I am asking for rotovirus trouble, and likewise, typing about kids that are acting like solid citizens would be a recipe for disaster. Since we are headed to the Magic Kingdom tomorrow I do not want to speak too soon.

On a positive note, it is so hot here that I am sure I have lost weight from not spending money on overpriced snacks and from pushing, pulling and schlepping four kids for 5 plus hours a day in the humidity. I am on the DISNEY diet. I am seriously thinking of marketing this diet plan. It is awesome.

I am off to shower and get ready for tomorrow. Stay tuned. Jeff arrives tomorrow with his laptop and his patience to take over with the kids. Woo Hoo.

The Queen

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